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U.S. Customs Brokerage

We can provide a wide variety U.S. customs brokerage services, such as:



  • Electronic Entry Filing to U.S. Customs via ABI.

  • E-Manifest filing services.

  • Customs clearance through any U.S. Port.

  • Export Declarations via AES (SED's).

  • ISF filing for maritime shipments.

  • Bonded Warehouse Services:

    • Manipulation and compliance forms

    • Custom-tailored inventory and status reports

  • In Bond shipments:

  • T&E, IT and IE entry types.

  • In Bond cancellations.

  • General Order and Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) submissions.

  • Single entry and continuous bond applications.

  • Assistance with government regulatory agencies requirements.


  • Binding ruling submission

  • Import duty recovery:

    • Analysis focused on harmonized tariff classification, origin determination and valuation.

    • Preparation of  refund claims

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